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Posture Power Wellness

Posture Power Wellness is the only place you can get CoreRehab live and on pilates equipment.  CoreRehab is offered daily in small classes at our Posture Power Wellness Studio in Denver, CO.  Come check out a class or get a one on one session with the CoreRehab Founder.  

Megan C., CO

I have had the most amazing experience at PPW! Shari is a body genius, and all of the instructors are magic too. I have a prolapse from giving birth, and the CoreRehab class has helped strengthen my pelvic floor so much, I am eternally grateful. They have amazing yoga classes too!

Courtney W., CO

As a pelvic floor therapist and birth doula, I absolutely love referring to Shari. I send all my pregnant & postpartum clients her way, knowing they will get the individualized, expert care they need to feel strong and confident in their bodies. I love her classes for myself as well! There’s no one else I’d rather refer to for Pilates & functional movement in the Denver area.

Kim J., CO

Shari has helped me to resolve 15+ years of chronic pain!! In the past I have gotten some temporary relief with help from various physical therapists, trainers and pilates instructors. But until Shari, no one has really understood the underlying cause(s) of my pain and as a result, no one understood how to help me change the movement patterns that were causing my pain. With her nearly 20 years of training/experience focused on body mechanics, Shari had the depth of knowledge to help me make lasting changes. I am now 6-months pain free....Thank you Shari!

We Believe

All bodies are good bodies.

Wellness is a right, not a privilege.

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