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About Our Classes

Classes are mixed-level with mixed ages unless otherwise noted. All group classes cost the same amount, regardless of content or instructor.

Core Rehab

Core Rehab is all about going back to the fundamentals. We focus on finding neutral alignment, learn how to move within neutral, and strengthen the body as a whole. You will leave the class feeling more centered, aligned, and balanced.


Everyone can benefit from Core Rehab classes. Core Rehab is perfect for people new to pilates, who are postpartum, who are suffering from chronic pain, and who are rehabilitating from surgeries - especially back and abdominal. 

Pilates Suspension

This class utilizes small props and TRX-style suspension apparatus upstairs in Studio 3. Suitable for all levels of fitness, this apparatus helps you to grow stronger and be able to perform traditional Pilates exercises much more fluidly.


Jumpboard classes are a fun way to get a full body strengthening and cardio workout in one. The workouts are completed using reformers with a padded jumping surface that can be used for plyometric and aerobic exercises. 

Pilates Conditioning

In partnership with professional dancers and dance teachers, we have designed this program to fuse the traditional ballet barre work and pilates.


By integrating barre skills with the pilates focus on aligning and using the core, we help dancers connect to a deep understanding of how their bodies move and work, especially during challenging dance poses including barre work, petit allegro, grande allegro, turns, adagio, pre-pointe, pointe, and partner work.​​

Mixed Pilates Equipment

Utilizing varying pieces of pilates equipment, we keep each session fresh and ever-changing. Classes will utilize reformers, tower, chairs, and/or small props.

Pilates Mat & Props

Utilizing Joseph Pilates' original repertoire, our instructors modify exercises for all comfort levels. With emphasis on spinal alignment, mat classes add a layer of awareness of breathing patterns while engaging the deep muscles of the core. Props, such as magic circles, foam rollers, and balls, are incorporated to enhance students' form and intensify the workout.