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Comprehensive Post-Modern Pilates

Studio Manager & Teacher at Shari Barta Wellness

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About Julene

After a 15 year career online, I wanted to do something that connected me with people instead of a screen. I began teaching pilates in Denver in 2018.


With each client, I embrace a whole person approach to teaching. Which is great, as clients say my classes are fun, challenging, and ever-changing. I am...

  • A little lax in my joints (a.k.a. "hypermobile")

  • An elder millennial

  • An advocate for better posture

  • And... guilty of "poor posture" myself

For my classical pilates teacher training program, I completed 158 hours of in-person workshops and 600 external practice hours. I am currently pursuing further education in anatomy, principles of body movement & function, corrective exercise, and postpartum rehabilitation.