Jenny Jethnani

Certified Pilates Teacher at Shari Barta Wellness

    About Jenny Jethnani

    I was first introduced to Pilates in 2016 by my Mom back at home in Indonesia and was instantly hooked. She suffered from scoliosis and I saw how Pilates helped her. I am PMA certified and received my Pilates teacher training from The Pilates Center in Boulder in 2018 where I studied with a number of Second Generation teachers trained by students of Joseph Pilates as well as a lot of wonderful, experienced teachers.


    During my pregnancy in 2019 I learned about prenatal pilates from my mentor. I would love to help other women to reap the numerous benefits pregnancy pilates has to offer.

    Pilates has not only helped me stay healthy, it has helped me during childbirth and the recovery after childbirth. I truly believe pilates is an exercise for every person at every stage of their lives.