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Shari Barta


Integrative Health Specialist

Owner of Posture Power Wellness

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About Shari Barta

Shari Barta is an Integrated Health Specialist fusing two decades of physical rehabilitation knowledge, personal training and Pilates to help people overcome both new and chronic physical conditions. She holds advanced degrees and certifications in Occupational Therapy, Ergonomics, Personal Training, Pilates, and Postpartum Corrective Exercise. 


Mrs. Barta's specialty is finding imbalances within movement patterns and correcting them to restore optimal functioning; her clients often refer to her as a "body mechanics engineer."


Shari’s passion for healing has driven her to create CoreRehab, a women’s health program designed to help women restore their bodies post childbirth and prevent common chronic conditions. The program helps all women whether you are 6 months or 60 years postpartum. 

Shari moved into private practice to be more client-centered and meet people's needs to the fullest, in pursuit of a whole body, whole person approach to her practice.

Note from Shari:

I believe that wellness is a right and not a privilege and that wellness has no age. Watching my daughter grow and flourish as a dancer my passion for wellness for all ages has grown. I want to give dancers and other child athletes a place to be able to focus on wellness and become connected to the deep understanding of how their bodies move and work.


Every time I approach a client I come from both a whole body, whole person approach and a fusion of all of my professional and personal experiences. I am...

  • A Wife and Mom​

  • A Diastasis Recti Survivor

  • An Occupational Therapist

  • A Nationally Certified Personal Trainer

  • A Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

  • A Body Mechanic Specialist

  • A Women's Health Specialist

Live Long & Strong!

Shari Barta, MS, OTR/L, CPT, NCPT, PCES

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