Shari Barta


Founder & Teacher at Shari Barta Wellness

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My Story

Throughout my 20 year career as an Occupational Therapist I have striven to help people find their full wellness and quality of life. In 2014 I took this desire a step further and went into private practice where I felt I could be more client centered and meet people's needs to the fullest. In my pursuit to bring a whole body, whole person approach to my practice I have acquired additional certifications in ergonomics, personal training, pilates, and postpartum rehabilitation.


I believe that wellness is a right and not a privilege and that wellness has no age. Watching my daughter grow and flourish as a dancer my passion for wellness for all ages has grown. I want to give dancers and other child athletes a place to be able to focus on wellness and become connected to the deep understanding of how their bodies move and work.


Every time I approach a client I come from both a whole body, whole person approach and a fusion of all of my professional and personal experiences. I am...

  • A Wife and Mom​

  • A Diastasis Recti Survivor

  • An Occupational Therapist

  • A Nationally Certified Personal Trainer

  • A Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

  • A Body Mechanic Specialist

  • A Women's Health Specialist